Companies in Spain belonging to foreign companies

All of the tax procedures for your company, and if you wish, for your expatriates, in Spain taken care of by a tax specialist.

The tax environment

The tax environment in Spain is defined by some peculiar features that make it especially difficult for foreign companies that decide to operate through one or several companies in our country, whether the origin of these companies is in the acquisition of already existing companies or in newly created companies. These features include:

  • An abundance of legislation at several administrative levels: central, autonomous communities and local.
  • Instability, ongoing reforms and modifications to the regulations governing different taxes.
  • Uncertainty, due to the different existing interpretative criteria, within the Administration itself, as well as the Courts of Law.

Quintana Fiscal. Consultoría y planificación tributaria.

Our proposal

We offer management of all your tax procedures and the professional guidance you need in order to comply with legal regulations and optimise the tax management of your companies in Spain. If you wish, we will also take care of providing advice and the compliance with tax obligations of your expatriates in Spain.

In this regard, Quintana Fiscal has a team of multilingual professionals:

  • That specialises in tax and fiscal matters in Spain;
  • That has experience working with non-national companies that have established operations in Spain;
  • That is prepared to represent you in relation to local Inspection services in Spain;
  • That is willing to help you to analyse your starting tax situation and to subsequently optimise it;
  • Capable of helping you to plan the long-term tax impact of your activity.

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Our services

We carry out an analysis of the situation to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our aims will be:

  • Acquire a detailed knowledge of the business and how your companies in Spain are organised;
  • Carry out a comprehensive analysis of the tax impact of the current situation and opportunities for improvement;
  • Propose a medium and long-term action plan;
  • Accompany you and offer you advice for developing your action plan, updating any relevant aspects in accordance with regulatory changes that may take place.

Additionally, we can offer guidance and take care of tax procedures for your expatriates, to ensure they comply with their tax obligations in Spain.

Contact request

Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the scope of our services or to resolve any doubts.

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