Tax Inspections

We work to defend the tax paying company in an increasingly complex system of regulations that is characterised by a notable increase in the Inspection service operations of the Tax Agency.

The tax environment

In a world marked by turmoil and instability, where management and business decisions are increasingly complex, if one thing is highly probable in our country over the coming years it is that the tax collection efforts via inspections and controls carried out by the Inspections services of the Tax Agency are going to increase.

Whatever the result of an Inspection, it is evident that it implies a significant effort on behalf of the inspected period, during a period of time that can end up being very long (up to 18 months in general, or 27 in certain circumstances), along with a significant emotional aspect that can be very destabilising.

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Our proposal

We will provide you with the peace of mind and professionalism that your company needs in management that can be complex, long and destabilising.

Our expertise in the fiscal and tax sector, the excellence of our team of professionals and our notable experience representing our clients for inspection services, back us to become your company´s partner in relation to tax matters.

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Our services

One of our experts with a perfect knowledge of the Spanish tax system will be in charge of the Inspection, receiving support when necessary from our team of specialists on the main tax matters: whether general (Direct Taxation, Company Tax/Income Tax or Indirect Taxation, VAT/Tax on Property Conveyances) or specialised (Related Party Transactions).

Our objectives will be:

  • carry out detailed analysis of the purpose of the Inspection;
  • carry out detailed analysis of matters linked to the activity of the company;
  • act as a contact and link between the Inspection and the company staff;
  • coordinate the work between the company´s internal staff and Quintana Fiscal;
  • represent the company during the entire process before the Inspection Bodies;
  • analyse, plan and implement the defence of the company when faced with an Inspection;
  • carry out detailed monitoring of the entire process and report, on a periodic and formal basis, to the company.

Contact request

Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the scope of our services or to resolve any doubts.

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