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The difference between good and excellent tax management begins by taking the correct decisions at the right time.

The tax environment

Tax planning can reduce the tax burden of a company within the current legal framework in the long term. For that purpose, it is crucial to understand the business and how the company operates, and to also understand the tax impact resulting from business decisions. Aspects such as the company´s form of organisation, asset ownership, the structure of contracts, the methods for depreciation or stock valuation, have a clear impact on taxes that cannot be changed overnight.

When it comes to planning the taxes of a company, the tax environment in Spain is marked by peculiarities that make it especially difficult:

  • An abundance of legislation and several administrative levels.
  • Instability, ongoing reforms and modifications to the regulations governing different taxes.
  • Uncertainty, due to the different existing interpretative criteria, within the Administration itself, as well as the Courts of Law.

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Our proposal

Allow us to offer advice about long-term tax management for your company and help you to take the best decisions at the right time for appropriate tax planning.

Our consultancy and tax planning services will help you to analyse and optimise the tax situation of your company, and to take appropriate decisions when facing important milestones in the trajectory of the company such as: the acquisition or sale of other companies or assets of special values, company restructuring or investment processes, deductions for R+D+i.

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Our services

We will assign one of our Spanish tax system experts for consultancy services, and they will be able to receive support from any of the specialists that form our team across the main taxation matters: whether general (Direct Taxation, Company Tax / Income Tax or Indirect Taxation VAT / Tax on Property Conveyances) or specialised (Related Party Transactions).

If you wish to carry out an analysis of the situation and to identify opportunities for improvement, our aims will be:

  • Acquire a detailed knowledge of the business and how the company is organised;
  • Carry out a comprehensive analysis of the tax impact of the current situation and opportunities for improvement;
  • Propose a medium and long-term action plan;
  • Accompany you and offer you advice for developing your action plan, updating any relevant aspects in accordance with regulatory changes that may take place.

If you are considering an important decision for the future of your company, and want analysis of the tax impact of significant business milestones as important information in order to take your decisions, our objectives will be to:

  • Understand the important milestone, possible decisions and their consequences.
  • Acquire a detailed knowledge of the business and how the company is organised;
  • Carry out detailed analysis of the tax impact of possible decisions;
  • Offer you advice in order to take the best possible decision.

We also know that small day to day accounting decisions can sometimes have an important long-term impact on tax. In order to care for your interests, we offer you complementary accounting consultancy services , so that nothing is left to chance, which could end up damaging your company.

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