Trade Consultancy

From the most common trade operations, to carrying out a large corporate operation that could include the sale of your company, or the acquisition of a competitor´s company, or even a merger between companies, with us you will find one of the strongest and most specialised teams in Aragon, which can help you to assess any options and make the best decisions. And always, with our solid perspective of taxation, to ensure that good decisions taken today do not have an unfortunate tax impact tomorrow.

Our services

Our trade consultancy services have a great added value thanks to our speciality in tax consultancy. Decisions about forming or winding-up companies, or about their restructuring certainly have a clear tax impact in one way or another.

Through our trade consultancy services, we offer an efficient response in order to ensure that your company can comply with administrative and legal obligations, and we will also resolve any doubts relating to trade matters, no matter how complex they are.

Specifically, we offer advice about:

Common aspects of company law and corporate governance

  • The formation of companies and legal entities.
  • Statutory reforms.
  • Secretaries to the board.
  • General assemblies of shareholders.
  • Company restructuring.
  • Duties and responsibilities of administrators.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Capital increases and reductions.
  • Distribution of dividends and reserves in kind.
  • Liquidation, dissolution and transformation of companies.
  • Creation and legalisation in the trade registry of accounting books, minutes and other documents.

Restructuring operations: mergers and acquisitions

Our experience encompasses the acquisition processes of all kinds of private companies through purchases, or capital increases, as well as actual merger processes, where a new company emerges from other pre-existing companies.

Restructuring operations: demergers and transfers

We can help you to tackle company restructuring processes through demergers or bulk transfers of assets and liabilities. These processes are generally less well-known than mergers and acquisitions, but they can be much more useful in certain business situations.

Company reorganisation operations

  • Shareholder agreements for the separation and return of contributions to shareholders.
  • Transfer processes of family companies.

Family pacts and protocols in family companies

  • Guidance during the entire design, negotiation, drafting and implementing processes.

Wills and inheritance agreements

  • Advice creating wills and inheritance agreements, as well as the carrying out the division of inheritance, along with planning of inheritances and advice on generational succession.


If you would like us to help you start to plan and optimise the tax situation of your company in the long-term, we can help you thanks our tax consultancy and planning services.

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