Accounting consultancy

As specialists in tax consultancy we know that, sometimes, small day to day accounting decisions can have an important long-term impact on tax. In order to care for your interests, we offer you complementary services in relation to administrative-accounting matters, so that nothing is left to chance, which could end up damaging your company.

Our services

Our accounting consultancy services have great added value thanks to our speciality in tax consultancy. Accounting for entries that correspond to complex business operations, decisions about the criteria for depreciation and provisions, are about much more than administrative decisions in order to comply with current legislation. In many cases, they have a clear tax impact in one way or another.

Through our accounting consultancy services, we offer an effective response to ensure that your company can comply with the administrative obligations corresponding to its accounting. We will also resolve any kind of accounting doubts, no matter how complex. However, above all, we can help you if you want to begin to plan and optimise your long-term tax situation.

What do we offer?

Our accounting consultancy includes monitoring of the company´s ordinary operations, adapting them to accounting regulations, supervision of pre-closing processes and closing of the financial year, always bearing in mind the taxation and legal aspects that affect this process, as well as reaching the consolidation of the accounts of the company groups.

Furthermore, we collaborate on the design and implementation of reporting tools to use in the preparation of their financial information about companies or groups, as well as in organising and integrating the accounting of permanent establishments owned by the companies in other countries.

Furthermore, we can provide advice and support for the accounting of all kinds of company operations and company restructuring.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Organisation of accounting.
  • Legalisation of accounting books.
  • Management of accounting entries, beginning and close of the financial year.
  • Presentation of books and annual accounts.
  • Depreciation and provisions.
  • Updating of accounts in arrears.
  • Study and review of accounts.
  • Design of accounting plans.
  • Creation of financial statements.
  • Filing of annual accounts.
  • Professional accounting management.

If you would like us to help you to interpret your accounting in order to take financial decisions, we can help you thanks to our financial consultancy.

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