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A group of outstanding professionals that offer the most specialised services in the tax sector in order to satisfy the guidance, tax planning and defence needs of the taxpaying company.

QUINTANA Fiscal. Management team. Félix Quintana. Partner
QUINTANA Fiscal. Management team. María José Echevarría. Partner
QUINTANA Fiscal. Management team. Rosa Sánchez. Partner
Félix Quintana

Félix is the founding partner of Quintana Fiscal and a renowned expert in our region in tax, wealth and investment consulting. Félix combines his responsibility at Quintana Fiscal, with the Regional Management of RENTA 4 Banco, and over the last few years, he has held board member and partner roles at some Venture Capital entities linked to the entrepreneurial movement.

A degree holder in Economics and Business from the University of Bilbao, throughout his extensive professional career, he has held the role of Director of Financial Consultancy Services at Caja Inmaculada savings bank, and he has also had a long and productive academic career as Professor at the University of Zaragoza and other educational institutions.

María José Echevarría

María José has focused her career on providing advice to family groups and large amounts of assets, mainly working in the tax planning sector and successfully overcoming several Inspection procedures, in relation to the State Administration as well as Regional Administrations.

A degree holder in Law from the University of Zaragoza, she has actively contributed to the reorganisation of different business groups, carrying out company restructuring operations and successfully acting in complex company purchase and sale processes.

Rosa Sánchez Clos

Rosa Sánchez is a partner in the Tax Department at QUINTANA FISCAL, a company that she joined in February 2004, and where she has developed her professional career following a spell spent at the GARRIGUES office in Barcelona.

Holder of a degree in Law from the University of Zaragoza, and a Masters in Tax Consultancy from the Instituto de Empresa, she has extensive experience in offering tax advice to family businesses and their partners, and she has participated in several company reorganisation operations. Likewise, she regularly advises large company groups and individuals in relation to tax matters. Rosa is also a specialist at analysing international operations in relation to intra-community VAT.