Intra-community VAT for exporting companies

You can now work securely within the European Union, through a single contact person who manages your international fiscal affairs.

The tax environment

Exports play a crucial role in the future of our country´s economy. Exports to countries within the European Union are subject to the management of intra-community VAT. VAT is one of the most complex taxes in our regulations. Within the European community, this difficulty is increased, as the tax has to coexist with the regulations of each member state (e.g. different types of VAT, calendars, models of forms, specific regulations that must be adhered to). Intra-community VAT is probably one of the trickiest tax challenges that must be faced by many companies that operate abroad.

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Our proposal

Quintana Fiscal offers services specialised in intra-community VAT, in order for your company to be able to manage a complex matter simply, through a single contact and in your own language.

Quintana Fiscal has a team of tax experts and multilingual consultants, and it has partnerships with international consultancies in the main destination counties of Spanish exports. Quintana Fiscal makes an ongoing effort to have a detailed knowledge of the regulations of each of the member states that it operates with. In this manner, it can ensure that procedures are carried out on time and correctly, based on appropriate and current tax models.

Our services

Quintana Fiscal provides international consultancy services, and offers to process the different tax models that are required by your operations, on time and in the correct manner, and of course, by using updated forms in compliance with different national legislations, in order not to commit legal violations.

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