VAT in Spain for non-national companies

A secure and effective service for managing VAT in Spain designed specifically for non-national companies.

The tax environment

VAT is one of the most complex taxes in our regulations. Non-national companies that export products or services to Spain may require complex procedures such as registration of the company, compliance with the obligation to present different forms in accordance with the tax calendar, or the management needed in order to request correct returns.

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Our proposal

We offer you a secure and efficient management service for VAT in Spain, through a specialised contact person.

Our team of expert tax specialists and multilingual consultants offer specialised services for VAT management and formalities in Spain, for any non-national companies. In this manner, you can be sure that you comply with Spanish legislation and adapt to current regulatory changes.

In this regard, Quintana Fiscal has a team of multilingual professionals:

  • That specialises in tax and fiscal matters in Spain;
  • That has experience working with non-national companies that have established operations in Spain;
  • That is prepared to represent you in relation to Inspection services in Spain, if necessary.

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Our services

We offer a service to securely and efficiently carry out the most frequent procedures linked with the management of VAT in Spain for non-national companies:

  • Proactive notification of tax changes, with the possible amount of time in advance.
  • Tax consultancy, regarding any aspects linked to VAT tax.
  • Registry (registrations and de-registrations) of your company for VAT management in Spain.
  • Preparation and sending of the appropriate VAT declaration
  • Preparation and periodic presentation of the declarations corresponding to the provision of electronic services to individuals.
  • Advice on relations with administrations in relation to VAT.

If necessary, we could represent you for Inspection services in Spain.

Contact request

Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the scope of our services or to resolve any doubts.

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