Family Companies

Entrepreneurs, wave goodbye to doubts! At our company you will find the best tax specialists in Aragon, with significant experience helping family companies with maximum confidentiality. We can help you to assess your company´s situation, defend you when facing Inspection services, plan long-term taxation and protect the family wealth that you have worked so hard to acquire.

The tax environment

In a world marked by turmoil and instability, where management and business decisions are increasingly complex, we work to ensure that tax matters do not become a burden that endangers the growth of companies and the creation of wealth and employment for the company as a whole.

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Tax Inspections

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We work to defend the tax paying company.
In an increasingly complex system of regulations that is characterised by a notable increase in the Inspection service operations of the Tax Agency.
Our expertise in the fiscal and tax sector, the excellence of our team of professionals and our notable experience representing our clients for inspection services, back us to become your company´s partner in relation to tax, in order to offer you the peace of mind and professionalism that you need.

Consulting and fiscal planning

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Excellent fiscal management begins by taking the correct decisions at the right time.
Fiscal planning can reduce the tax burden of a company in the long-term, and of course complying with current legislation.
Allow us to offer advice about long-term tax management for your company and help you to take the best decisions at the right time for appropriate tax planning.

Management of intra-community VAT for exporting companies

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Specialised intra-community VAT services.
Thanks to our partnership with IVAEuropa, you can now work securely within the European Union, through a single contact person who manages your international fiscal affairs.
IVAEuropa has a team of tax experts and multilingual consultants, and it has partnerships with international consultancies in the main destination counties of Spanish exports. IVAEuropa makes an ongoing effort to have a detailed knowledge of the regulations of each of the member states that it operates with. In this manner, it can ensure that procedures are carried out on time and correctly, based on appropriate and current tax models.

Private wealth protection of family companies

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We protect the wealth that you have worked so hard to earn, with maximum confidentiality.
It is hard to think that the wealth that you have worked so hard to acquire after one or several generations dedicated to the family business, could be endangered by neglecting tax matters.
We will help you to analyse and optimise your current fiscal and tax situation, to plan the transfer of your wealth to your heirs in the best possible conditions, and to carry out periodic monitoring in order to ensure that your objectives are fulfilled.

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