Private wealth

We protect the private wealth generated through family companies, which has been earned through so much hard work, and we do so with maximum confidentiality.

The tax environment

It is hard to think that the wealth that you have worked so hard to acquire after one or several generations dedicated to the family business, could be endangered by neglecting tax matters. It is crucial to have correct planning of the cessation of activities, of the tax situation of assets and rights that are owned, of possible tax reductions and exemptions, and tax burdens resulting from inheritances and gifts, along with many other factors. Of course, this planning should consider tax matters, as well as those of a family and personal nature.

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Our proposal

We will help you to analyse and optimise your current fiscal and tax situation, to plan the transfer of your wealth to your heirs in the best possible conditions, and to carry out periodic monitoring in order to ensure that your objectives are fulfilled.

Our team of tax experts has significant experience in terms of helping to protect the private wealth created as the result of a family business. This applies to the analysis and optimisation of your current tax situation, as well as compliance with your tax obligations, or planning the future transmission of your assets to heirs. Allow us to offer you guidance in order to fulfil your objectives.

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Our services

Our work covers the following objectives:

  • Analysing your current tax situation, with maximum confidentiality. This involves carrying out detailed analysis of your current wealth situation, including the nature of all the assets and rights that you own, with a special emphasis on financial assets, properties, pension plans and investments in other countries.
  • Analyse compliance with requirements needed to obtain tax exemptions or reductions on Wealth Tax, as well as Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax.
  • Reviewing and proposing alternatives for effective wealth protection.
  • Planning the future transfer of your assets to heirs.
  • Carrying out periodic monitoring in order to ensure that your wealth is protected.

Of course, if you want, we can fill out and present all of the taxes and forms pertaining to you, on your behalf, and we can also represent you before the Inspection services of the Tax Agency is you require such a service.

Contact request

Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the scope of our services or to resolve any doubts.

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